Rep. Gonzalez provides forum for constituents

State Representative District 75 Mary Gonzalez hit the ground running. She's been in office for 18 days and Friday she opened up the floor to hear from her constituents. Close to 60 people attended the first town hall meeting and they brought many concerns to the table.

Concerns like veterans issues were at the top of David Nevarez's mind, a Veteran himself. "These veterans laid it out on the line. Some have past, some are still living. They're owed something,” said Nevarez.

Civic leadership was another topic of concern. "The way they're running stuff, it's for their own benefit and nobody else's,” said Socorro resident Rene Rodriguez.

Another Socorro resident came to the meeting with the same purpose. "Meet with the State Representative and bring here the concerns of the city of Socorro."

And of course healthcare was an issue of discussion. Cynthia Fisher is a physical therapist that works with children with disabilities. "We are having children that are being denied services, being delayed services, being denied equipment that they need," said Fisher.

Lastly people brought up voter rights as a topic of discussion. 'The people were totally disrespected and denied their right to vote and I do appreciate the fact that your are looking into it,” said one woman.

There was relief in the air after Gonzalez listened to every concern every person had. "You can use my position as a microphone to get your questions answered," said Representative Gonzalez. People left the meeting feeling hopeful.

"I feel confident that now you know we have state representative actually listening to our concerns. I know she has a lot on her plate," said Rodriguez.

Representative Gonzalez said she was excited with the turnout. "We had a forum to discuss their issues and work on it as a community. The most important thing that happened this evening was the sharing of information. They got to hear what I'm working on in Austin and I got to hear what the issues are in the district," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez will have the grand opening for her offices on February 16th.

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